Why Shopping Online Makes Total Sense 

The majority of Aussie adults have purchased goods online and that number is growing as more people realise the many benefits of digital shopping. E-commerce is growing exponentially as more retailers turn to the web and here are a few compelling reasons to shop online.

  • Find the best deals – With Google in your arsenal, you can quickly hunt down the best deal for whatever it is you are looking for. Some online stores offer interest-free credit with nothing to pay for 90 days!  Search engines are a shopper’s best friend and Google is the go-to app when you want to compare prices. Some retailers add bonus products when the price tag hits a certain amount; there are always specials, so if you’re looking for a new washing machine or dishwasher, find a retailer with a few on special. Warehouse space is often needed and this can be reason enough for a clearance sale with 25% off or even more!
  • Free delivery – In most cases, electronic shopping online involves free delivery, provided the goods are valued at more than $20, or thereabouts. Obviously, each e-store has its own set of values they offer and some don’t charge for delivery, as long as it is within Australia. Same-day delivery is often available, which can be a godsend when you are in need of a device/gadget. Some stores will send the goods to your location when you are out and about, which is pretty amazing.
  • Check out the online reviews – Whether a new laptop for work or a set of golf clubs, you can find online reviews that tell you what you need to know. Take electronic devices as an example, no bricks and mortar retailer can match the online store’s prices and your consumer rights are not impacted when you shop online. YouTube hosts good product reviews by top influencers, where you get all your questions answered. If you are looking to buy an expensive item, it makes sense to watch as many reviews as you can find.
  • Convenient – You might be at home and you suddenly remember you need a power bank for that overnight trip; Google can take you to a supplier in a matter of seconds and ordering is a breeze! Suddenly Facebook lets you know it is your partner’s birthday tomorrow; order a bouquet of red roses online and they will be delivered first thing in the morning! All you need is your tablet or smartphone and a good Internet connection while ordering online brings you the best cyber-security.
  • Save valuable time – Shopping no longer steals all your downtime; all you need is a digital device, a web connection and you can shop until you drop! Technology sure does save time and the smart shopper always finds the lowest prices.

So, there you have it, a few great reasons to join the millions of Australians who enjoy online shopping; if you are concerned about security when shopping online, today’s level of cyber-security is more than enough to protect your banking details.


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