How buying the best PDU offers total peace of mind

Many industries are hugely dependent on consistent and reliable power for them to operate. Imagine being the boss of a factory manufacturing in the motor industry, or even more critical in healthcare when things can go badly wrong without it.

Reliability is essential for continuity, or even more vital when life-saving equipment may lean on it. It is a good idea for anyone in a senior position with the responsibility of ensuring that their power is guaranteed to work with experts in this field. can offer such assurances.

Having a highly dependable power distribution unit, or PDU offers such assurances. The company that provides this model has been in operation across Southeast Asia since 1988 and has a wealth of major companies as its customers. They are leaders in power management solutions and continue being innovative to stay ahead of their competitors.

Providing efficient energy is at the core of their ethos, and this comes with the PDU, which is perfect for medium to large data centres that need to distribute power. The beauty is that it is adaptable and easy to move, in case of future developments that may cause a reconfiguration of the data centre.

Being able to monitor its role is essential for managers through a user-friendly LCD which has multiple languages, as it provides all the required protection of power with ultimate scalability and flexibility to offer multiple solutions to suit all situations. It provides excellent value for money as well as invaluable peace of mind for all purchasers.

Further racks can be added to take advantage of the configurable circuit breaker panel, while it is possible to look back at 500 recorded event logs for anyone wishing to gather previous important information. Each branch circuit breaker can also be monitored adding to the available data, while remote monitoring provides flexibility. Multiple contact closure outputs plus increased availability through SNMP interfaces complete the package.

Safety is paramount with features such as local and remote emergency power buttons, phased sequence alarms and a couple of other options ensuring a stable environment for the equipment and personnel. Two sets of panel boards, along with easy relocation and optional transformers offer excellent availability.

Any large business or industry that is totally reliant on robust and energy-effective power that is guaranteed not to fail should look to purchase the best PDUs on the market from a highly dependable company.


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