Decoding the instagram algorithm – Why do people buy followers?

With over a billion users logging into Instagram every month, the competition for visibility and growth is fierce. Especially since Instagram determines whose content gets amplified via its complex proprietary algorithm. Cracking the code on how it decides whose content to promote has become a billion-dollar question for creators and brands. A part of the answer lies in strategic influence indications – namely account following and followers. Learning why and how people legally buy targeted Instagram followers offers rare insight into social algorithms. It also uncovers smart growth hacking methods for your brand, business, or creative pursuits.

Instagram algorithm – A mystery timestamp

For starters, let’s demystify what an algorithm is. It’s essentially a complex set of encrypted codes with instructions for Instagram’s systems on how to handle its mind-boggling volumes of daily user activity. The Instagram algorithm specifically decides in real-time.

  1. Whose posts appear at the top of followers’ feeds?
  2. Which accounts to showcase on the Explore page to which users?
  3. How long to boost Stories’ visibility before archiving them?
  4. Which live streams get featured prominently in the app?

The algorithm aims to maximize both relevance (showing content aligned with specific users’ interests) and engagement (spurring interactions and time spent on Instagram).

Why do follower counts matter to instagram’s algorithm?

According to patents filed by Instagram’s parent company Meta, Instagram’s algorithms heavily factor in a user’s number of followers and follower growth rate in determining relevance and feed promotion potential. After all, if 1000s of real people follow an account organically, it generally indicates users find their content resonant, valuable, and engaging. Similarly, quick follower growth signals rising popularity and relevance.

Essentially, higher follower counts and follower growth signal social validation and approval for Instagram. So, its algorithms amplify reach, visibility, and growth velocity accordingly as a reward. This cycles into perpetually faster organic visibility and follower expansion over time. Influencers, creators, and brands not seeing results fast enough have found ways to exploit these algorithmic biases.

Strategically buying real instagram followers 

  • Increased post views and interactions from existing followers
  • More organic views follow, and engagement from non-followers
  • Getting on Instagram’s Suggested/Recommended algorithmically
  • Growing other engagement metrics like shares, saves and story replies
  • Receiving invites for credible collaborations and influencer marketing opportunities

Legally Buy Instagram Followers famoid is a smart way for brands, businesses, and creators to hack Instagram algorithm biases. When combined with valuable content that resonates with purchased and potential organic followers, it sustains a cycle of continuous exponential growth over time. The key points to remember on why purchasing real Instagram followers can accelerate your growth include.

  • Followers signal social proof that Instagram’s algorithm seeks before amplifying reach and visibility.
  • Paying for visibility via followers is similar to ad campaigns. However, the ROI is higher since ideal targeted followers engage better.
  • Combining purchased followers with exceptional content that resonates keeps attracting 100% real, engaging followers.
  • Starting slow and scaling up gradually prevents flagging while growth hacking the algorithm ethically.

So, rather than waiting years to build a following, grow and hack Instagram’s biases ethically to your advantage. Buy real targeted followers from reputable websites, engage them well, and soon the algorithms will boost your unpaid reach and growth.