The Best Proactive Cybersecurity Measures For Your Business

Every other week, we have a new cybersecurity concern, and it’s affecting businesses in more ways than one. Today, it’s not enough to respond to an incident anymore. Companies have to be proactive and take precautionary and preventive measures to prevent cybercrimes and data theft. In this post, we are sharing some of the best proactive cybersecurity measures for your business.

  • Work with MSPs. This may come off as a surprise to many, but MSPs or Managed Service Providers are handy for outsourcing many things, including network and IT security. They can work within budgets, can help in cutting down costs, and can be relied on for aspects like help desk and customer support. MSPs work like an extended arm for your business, offering solutions that are proactive from the word ‘go’.
  • Protect your devices. Place all networked assets and computers behind firewalls, and always restart your computer weekly, which has been recommended by Microsoft, especially if you are using Windows. If your company isn’t using network segmentation, as yet, consider that as a simple way to protect subnetworks for trojan attacks.
  • Create cybersecurity policies. It is absolutely wise and necessary to create cybersecurity policies that are transparent and clear to everyone. For instance, if your employees are using their own devices at the workplace, there must be BYOB policy in place.

  • Train your people. Eventually, even with MSPs and outsourcing, a chunk of the work is being managed by your teams, so ensure that they know of cybersecurity and have a clear idea of the dos and don’ts. This may mean hiring cybersecurity experts from other companies to have workshops and training programs.
  • Consider password protection measures. Hackers often rely on backdoor exploits and weak passwords to hack systems and networks. Make sure that you have password protection measures. Ask employees to create strong passwords, check with your MSPs about the steps for network monitoring, and recommend a password manager for every executive.

Finally, stay alert. Cybersecurity concerns are evolving with time, and you cannot afford to make mistakes and then learn from them. Instead, check how other businesses are being attacked, and how you can avoid such traps. Not to forget, work with a reliable MSP for data protection and safety, so that there are no compromises on how network assets are being monitored and data is protected. Also, have a data recovery plan in place.

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