Review on the Advanced Features of Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin


Coming soon & Maintenance Mode plugin has been designed by WebFactory solely for WordPress websites or blogs. There are times when your WP website needs to go down. It can be due to maintenance, or for fixing a bug, or during the developing stage.

Using this plugin allows you to create a temporary page that conveys the message that your website is under construction, and will get launched on a specific date. Even if your site is getting updated or restructured you can set the Maintenance Mode, which conveys that it is a temporary phase, and you will soon return.

You don’t desire visitors to land on a faulty site with broken links. Coming Soon plugin helps to create a customized page, where details like contact form, social media links, and subscription form, can be included. It will allow you to contact your visitors with updates and news of the ongoing project.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin is small in size and takes a minute to download, install, and activate. It includes excellent features that make it possible for you to create the best coming soon or maintenance pages in a few minutes.

Best features for creating effective Coming Soon or Under Maintenance pages


  • SEO snippet preview offers a real-time promo of how your page will look on search results.
  • SEO analysis includes more than 20 tests on different SEO aspects and offers actionable advice.
  • Block search engines by conveying 503 services unavailable code.
  • Excluding the search engines allows us to show normal site to crawlers, even though you are using the coming soon elements.
  • Meta description and SEO title
  • Favicon or customized image is shown on the browsers
  • Google Analytics tracking


  • You can easily preview the themes you are interested in and activate it from the plugin.
  • There is no need for extra downloads.
  • The PRO license includes 20+ themes, while the Agency package offers 50+ themes. These are available when you checkout.

Design Module 

  • Layout – Drag and drop builder structures 10 modules that can be customized. Content overlay allows a transparent background, which can be added to the overall content section. You get to choose from 47 content animations for creating a unique introduction.
  • Background – Select a static image or animated video background. You get 400,000+ image options in the gallery and you can even upload your own. You get 9 pre-defined image positions and 27 Instagram-like filters to enhance the images or videos. Video can be sourced from YouTube, which can be allowed to play looped or muted in the background.
  • Logo – You can upload your customized logo or choose one from the media library.
  • Header – With catchy headlines you can attract visitors. Choose text color that blends with your logo and if necessary add your favorite fonts from Google.

The design features also include video, subscription form, social media icons, progress bar, and countdown elements. An amazing plugin offered at affordable rates, which you must certainly install and check!

If your Coming Soon page gains high popularity online, then you can still continue getting that page traffic even after the maintenance mode. To learn more about WordPress page redirects, visit this website.


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