Managing Cybersecurity Challenges In 2020: Consider Managed IT Services

Cybersecurity is a shared business concern across industries and niches. No business seems to be immune to cyberattacks, and the consequences of a security breach can be severe to say the least. Besides financial loss and compliance matters, there could be reputational damage, which may take years in recovery. The only way your company can do better with cybersecurity is by having a proactive – and not a reactive- approach. Working with managed IT services can be the right step in that direction.

‘Should we really outsource cybersecurity?’

That’s often a common question that small business owners ask. On paper, it may seem easy to implement cybersecurity practices, but if your core operations are related to other things, having an in-house team for cybersecurity alone may not be a feasible option. Cost advantage is just one of the many reasons to hire managed IT services. The expertise that these third-party vendors bring to the table is incomparable. You are basically hiring a team of professional cybersecurity experts, who will work as the extended arm of your company. Also, most companies that offer managed cybersecurity services work in a scalable and flexible manner, so there is no reason why owners or managers have to lose control.

How to hire the right managed security service?

Expertise and capabilities are two aspects to consider. Managed security services should have the experience of working in your niche, and they must be capable of handling expansions in the future. When it comes to cybersecurity in particular, there is no one-solution-fit-all strategy. The managed security service you choose needs to have the capabilities to deliver on real problems, and they must explain how they are tackling some of the common cybersecurity concerns. Cost, of course, is something that must be discussed, but there is no harm in hiring a company that understands network security and best IT practices, for a little extra money.

Discuss your concerns

A few cybersecurity aspects are common to every business. Some of the common concerns include ransomware, malware, and phishing attack. A good managed security service preps your company for the cybersecurity risks, and with extensive testing, they can fix security vulnerabilities, before a hacker gets into the system. If you have suffered cyberattacks previously, or are particularly concerned about certain things, do discuss them with your managed IT service.

Proactive cybersecurity stance is your way to reducing risks, and for ensuring that, a good managed security service is your biggest asset.

Unsure of what to look for when choosing a managed security services provider? Visit our website to learn about the top services that can benefit your business.


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