How to Prevent Cyber Breaches from Happening

Security breaches are a major concern for any company. Regardless of the size and scope of the hacks, the affected companies will usually suffer serious consequences. That is why company owners will want to invest in secure access management solutions to prevent breaches from happening. But, there are also steps they need to take to prevent cyber breaches. These include the following:

Increasing Awareness of the Importance of Data Protection

Employees must be informed about the need to avoid risky behavior like using the internet to access products and services from unverified sources. Data protection should be a company affair instead of being a department affair. Employees who understand that criminals are targeting company data will work toward keeping the data more secure than before.

Establish Policies that Govern Data Access

These policies must govern both physical and electronic access to computer systems and data. Also, implement procedures and technical controls to enforce this scheme. Make sure you only provide data to authorised personnel that will help them do their jobs. Keep sensitive data to another group of authorised individuals.

Move Sensitive Information to the Cloud

Cloud providers encrypt customer content by default, letting you protect your sensitive data in the cloud. If you use cloud software and services, providers take responsibility for rolling out updates and security patches, usually without downtime. Unless you have an adequate data security team, major cloud services providers may do a better job than your own team in terms of securing your system and business data against different risks.

Choose Multi-Factor Authentication

This approach is especially important for securing sensitive data. With this approach, users will not only use passwords to access systems, accounts, and data by also other authentication methods such as through fingerprints or SMS codes.

Back Up Often

A lot of businesses ignore the importance of backups. They will only realise the danger of their mistakes when it is already too late. Consult with your access management solutions providers for ways to back up your data. Also, ensure the backups are separate from production networks. Offsite backups must be maintained along with offsite backups.

Hire a Professional to Help You

Even if you think you know a lot about security measures, you will still need the services of an expert in this field. The best thing about investing in access management solutions is that providers give you access to security specialists.


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