Five Questions To Ask Your Organizations Before Returning To Work

The state of mind of people who are asked to return to their workplaces is broadly classified into two types— those who are happy about it and those who are either nervous or scared. People who are happy about it must be encouraged because positivity plays an important role in the life of any individual and they are positive that returning to work would cause them no harm.

About the other lot, however, well they also need to be encouraged to get back to work but to completely discard their inhibitions about that is totally wrong. See, they have seen the vicious impact of corona virus like all of us and it is natural to be scared of something so terrible. Therefore, they must be pushed to get back to work. But, before that, it is imperative to ask your respective employers the following questions before going back to work after quarantine.

Is it the right time for you to return?

See, the corona virus has impacted different countries differently. Despite being a pandemic, it took the liberty to go easy on some places during some point of time and enabling people to get back to their normal lives. But, you might or might not be a part of that lot. Therefore, if your office is asking you to return to work, you must ask them whether it is the right time for you to return. Do not challenge them or something, just be genuine about your concern. It is okay to think about yourself and therefore, you must keep asking questions which are going to play an important role in keeping you safe.

Are you needed at the office?

There are a lot of employees working for your organization and you are just a little part of it. However, it is because of the part that you play in some important processes that you are needed at your office. But, you must ask your organizations whether your presence in the office is going to be of great importance. If not, then, it would be wise of you to submit an application wherein you ask for an extension in your work from home period.

Is the organization capable to protect us while we are at the offices?

There is something that you must keep in mind, keep the tonality of your questions polite so that the managements of your respective organizations do not get offended. Now, back to the question. You must have an answer to this question because it is you who is going to put yourself in the way of danger by returning to an unsafe office space. Therefore, your organization must have proper tools and techniques to fight the spread of the virus and if someone still gets infected, then there must be some really good contingency plans against that.

Will you be asked to travel upon your return to work?

Even though the chances of your employers sending you to a business trip during the pandemic are thin, you must not keep any doubt you have to yourself. Asking this question gets really important if you and your employers have a history where you were asked to travel locally and internationally. Because if you enter your office unaware of the fact that you might be asked to travel, you are exposing yourself to a looming threat known as the corona virus.

How will you ensure safe and smooth communication among employees at office?

There are several meetings conducted at a workplace and every one one on meeting might or might not have the same set of people. If the meeting place is not taken care of properly, the whole office is at a risk of getting infected. Therefore, you must ask your employers what their plans are regarding the essential communication at workplaces. If they have a response ready for this question, then you can rejoin. Otherwise, it would be wise to wait for a few days.

Now you know what you must ask your employers before you are hundred percent sure about the safety of the work environment in your respective offices. This return to work questionnaire has been designed while keeping in mind the basic safety parameters which must be followed by every single organizations so that none of their employees face a risk of getting infected by the virus.

Employers need to get serious about the safety concerns of even the lower grade staff because if they fail to provide safety to even a single one of them, then the whole company will have to bear its damage in the form getting its operations disrupted. Hence, employees should not forget to put forth these important questions and employers must ensure that they are confident while answering those because they have got the safety of their employees covered.


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